RB Neon Stage – VJ Loops Pack Vol.47


Awesome Full HD 60fps Particle Visuals for Video Perfromances & EDM Events. 16 High quality vj loops

Running, bleaming firing signals. They are rotating and transforming from one place to another one becoming absolutely new figure and mysterious creature

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Dowload hd Vj Loops. 60fps Visuals – RB Neon Stage

Running, bleaming firing signals. They are rotating and transforming from one place to another one becoming absolutely new figure and mysterious creature. It is suitable for balley dancers, concert halls, figure skating, ancient ornaments. It shows that processes are interchangeable and endless, transforming into different objects. It proves one more time that there are no absolutely new creatures. Reincarnation is the process which is typical to all alive and not alive people.

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16 High quality Vj Loops produced with love for VJ’s and Visual Artists. Quicktime Photojpeg and DXV Encoded. Compatible with Resolume, Arkaos, Modul8, VDXM VJ Software. Follow us in FACEBOOK to join more Contest and get more Gifts!


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49.00  29.00 


Download HD VJ Loops Pack 

49.00  29.00 



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VJ Loops Pack

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